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A real life example of enhancing dairy performance by TMR preservation in autumn with Selko TMR Dry

Key take aways from this article

  • Spoilage and heating of TMR reduces the nutritional value and affect palatability, even during autumn season.
  • Heating of TMR results in an increased amount of feed wastage as the feed becomes less palatable when being spoiled.
  • Selko TMR preserves the quality of TMR during the day, which is reflected in an enhanced milk production.

Mitigating TMR heating: Enhancing feed quality and milk output with Selko TMR Dry

In the world of dairy farming, it's important to keep feed fresh and milk flowing. For dairy farmers seeking sustainable solutions, Selko TMR Dry emerges as an essential tool. This in field test sheds light on the transformative impact of Selko TMR Dry in controlling TMR heating, minimizing feed wastage, and boosting milk production even during Autumn.

This test was done during autumn season on a well-run farm with high milk production and farm hygiene standards. The weather was moderate with average daily temperatures of 24 °C (= 75 °F), which can make feed spoil faster. Heating of TMR can already occur at temperatures above 21°C (= 70 °F) so chances of spoilage of TMR were high. The aim of the study was to address challenges surrounding TMR freshness and heating during late summer and to measure the effect on milk production.

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Did you know?
TMR spoilage can already begin at temperatures of 21°C

In a trial at Kempenshof Ruminant Research Centre involving 120 dairy cows, Selko TMR proved to be effective in improving milk production during warm weather. While maintaining dry matter intake, cows on Selko TMR showed an increase in milk yield, particularly a 1.7 kg rise in the 5th week, and significantly higher milk solids.

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Selko® | sharing latest scientific insights

Selko TMR preserves TMR quality and elevates milk yield at the same time

A study revealed Selko TMR's role in TMR preservation, maintaining feed quality and enhancing milk output. By mitigating TMR spoilage and heating, it demonstrated a 0.9 kg/h/d milk production increase, highlighting its importance in feed management during cooler seasons.

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Material and methods

The study included 122 lactating dairy cows over 60 days during the warm season. Cows were on farm already split into multiparous and primiparous groups. The treatment group received a diet enhanced with 2kg/mt of Selko TMR dry mixed into the TMR. The first 30 days, the multiparous group received Selko TMR Dry, and the primiparous group was the control group. After an initial 30-day period, the treatment groups were rotated to ensure comprehensive evaluation. Daily monitoring of milk yield, feed intake, feed wastage, and environmental conditions provided invaluable insights into the impact of Selko TMR Dry on dairy farm operations.

Figure 1. Temperature of TMR including Selko TMR and Control TMR. Labels (%) indicate measured TMR wastage of the groups.

Figure 2. Figure 2. Average daily milk production (kg/h/d) of the group receiving TMR preserved with Selko TMR compared to the control group. Results differ significantly by p=0.0005.


The temperature of the Control TMR was notably higher on day 11, 19 and 51 (Figure 1) compared to the Selko TMR. As a possible consequence, high rate of feed wastage was measured in the control groups at times of heating of the TMR (Figure 1, percentage values labelled). Overall, the average feed wastage during the whole study period was in general very low (1.6% of the control group and 1.3% of the Selko TMR group).

For milk production analysis, both types of lactation groups (primiparous and multiparous) cows were grouped into control and Selko TMR treatment. Impressively, the Selko TMR group demonstrated a significant (p=0.0005) increase in milk production, averaging 0.9 kg/h/d higher compared to the control group (Figure 2).

Furthermore, feed efficiency was marginally enhanced in the Selko TMR group, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Selko® | sharing latest scientific insights

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Selko TMR Dry is a great tool to make sure TMR stays fresh, controls TMR heating, minimizes feed wastage, and enhancing milk production potential even during autumn season. This on farm test shows how it can help other dairy farmers in optimizing feed management practices and getting more out of their milk production potential by paying attention to TMR quality and spoilage even after the summer season.

Ligia Cavani, William E. Brown, Kristen L. Parker Gaddis, Robert J. Tempelman, Michael J. VandeHaar, Heather M. White, Francisco Peñagaricano, Kent A. Weigel; Estimates of genetic parameters for feeding behavior traits and their associations with feed efficiency in Holstein cows, Journal of Dairy Science, Volume 105, Issue 9, 2022, Pages 7564-7574, ISSN 0022-0302

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Selko-TMR is a blend of organic acids reducing growth of yeasts, moulds, Enterobacteriaceae and Salmonella in silage of dairy cows. The reduction in growth of micro-organisms delays increases in temperature of the TMR for at least 6 hours, Silages treated with Selko-TMR maintain their feeding value and palatabilty, resulting in a higher intake of dry matter.

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