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Selko | Products

The Selko range of cow feed additives and feed supplements

Feed supplements and feed additives for cows are not the same

Feed supplements for dairy cattle are mixtures of vitamins and minerals that are typically fed to animals to deal with deficiencies. Feed additives for ruminants are compounds fed to dairy cows for reasons other than supplying nutrients. Feed additives for dairy cows increase production and feed efficiency of dairy cows or improve health, decreasing the cost of milk production and improving the profit potential. Selko offers a range of feed additives for ruminants, in combination with services and protocols dealing to help you optimising the transition to lactation. This range includes transition products that:

  • Improve rumen fermentation and hindgut health of dairy cows42,43,46,47
  • Reduce the impact of negative energy balance
  • Reduce the incidence of subclinical and clinical milk fever
  • Increase milk production and the production of milk solids44,45,48,49,50
  • Improve fertility

The range also includes trace minerals without sulfates. Feed supplements for dairy cows that contain sulfates sources of trace minerals are known to have a negative effect on rumen health and gut barrier function42. All of our ruminant feed additives and trace minerals are based on the latest scientific insights about transition management of dairy cows and are presented to you under the Selko programme for sustainable dairy farming umbrella.

Improving fibre digestibility and gut barrier function of dairy cows by choosing the correct trace mineral source.

Feed supplements for dairy cows containing sulfate salts of trace minerals can be toxic to bacteria in the rumen and in the hindgut and can also have a negative effect on the gut barrier function. This will reduce fibre digestibility and increase the risk of “leaky gut” in dairy cows. Replacing sulfate salts of trace minerals with the hydroxy form will result in an increase of 2% of total tract NDF digestibility. This will lead to a significant increase of milk production.