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Selko | Scientific research summaries center

Making sustainable dairy farming more profitable

Introducing a comprehensive collection of congress research abstracts and trial report summaries (TRS), carefully curated to provide valuable insights into the transformative potential of feed additives on dairy and beef ruminants.

These studies offer a deep dive into the various aspects of feed additive utilization, from optimizing feed efficiency and nutrient absorption to enhancing animal health and welfare. By exploring the scientific advancements and breakthroughs in this field, this compilation serves as an essential resource for farmers, researchers, and industry professionals striving to maximize productivity and sustainability in ruminant production systems.

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Selko Research Article | Effects of Supplementation of a Mycotoxin Mitigation Feed Additive in Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Fusarium Mycotoxin-Contaminated Diet for an Extended Period

This study assessed the impact of a mycotoxin mitigation product (MMP) on lactating dairy cows exposed to Fusarium mycotoxin-contaminated diets for an extended period. The MMP, containing smectite clays, yeast cell walls, and antioxidants, was found to mitigate mycotoxin-related negative effects on milk yield and quality, particularly in terms of protein, casein, and lactose. While the mycotoxin diet led to lower milk yield and feed efficiency, MMP limited the adverse effects on clotting parameters. The results shed light on mycotoxin risks for dairy cows' performance, milk quality, and cheese-making traits, emphasizing the benefits of MMP supplementation. Further research is needed to assess immune-metabolic responses and diet digestibility.

Selko Research Article | Enhancing dairy cow performance and fertility with prepartum and postpartum Selko LactiBute supplementation

D. J. Seymour, M. V. Sanz-Fernandez, J. B. Daniel, J. Martín-Tereso, and J. Doelman
Supplementing dairy cattle with Selko LactiBute (HFCG) before and after calving yielded promising results. Cattle receiving HFCG both pre- and postpartum had increased milk protein, fat, and energy-corrected milk yields during weeks 4 to 9 of lactation. Conversely, cattle receiving HFCG exclusively postpartum showed higher yields during weeks 9 to 14 of lactation. Additionally, prepartum HFCG led to earlier pregnancy confirmation. These outcomes suggest potential benefits in improving milk production and reproductive outcomes, possibly by reducing gut inflammation and affecting energy balance.

Selko Research Article | Enhancing dairy herd performance with Selko LactiBute supplementation

M.V. Sanz-Fernandez, D.J. Seymour 1, J.B. Daniel, J. Doelman, J. Martín-Tereso:
Selko LactiBute (HFCG) supplementation was studied in six commercial dairy herds with 907 lactating Holstein cows. HFCG, designed for hindgut fermentation, improved milk yield (3.6%), protein content (1%), protein yield (4.6%), and lactose yield (3.4%). It also showed a tendency to increase energy-corrected milk (3.1%). The analysis confirmed the effectiveness of HFCG in enhancing farm-level performance, rectifying underperformance relative to predictions during the control period. This study underscores HFCG's potential as a prebiotic supplement for improving dairy cow productivity and milk composition in commercial settings.

Selko EAAP Abstract | Effect of Selko IntelliBond and other mineral sources on 48-h in vitro fermentation

Four trials investigated the impact of trace mineral (TM) sources on in vitro fermentation. The first trial compared copper, zinc, and manganese inclusion between sulphate and Selko IntelliBond. The second trial assessed various manganese sources. The third trial examined different manganese sources, while the fourth trial focused on zinc sources. Selko IntelliBond showed promise in improving microbial biomass production and organic matter disappearance, suggesting its potential benefits in enhancing in vitro fermentation compared to other sources.

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