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Sustainable dairy farming results in a healthy financial performance

Increasing longevity of dairy cows is the key to success

Goals in relation to sustainable farming are often defined in relation to the environmental footprint, usage of scarce resources, animal health and welfare and the use of antimicrobials. Dairy farming can however not be sustainable if farmers can’t generate a decent income, now and in the future!

In contrast to common belief, it is very well possible to run a farm in a sustainable way while generating a healthy income. To ensure dairy farming is both profitable and sustainable, the average milk production per day of life, otherwise known as their Lifetime Daily Yield, should be increased.

Lifetime Daily Yield of dairy cows is influenced by:

  • Age at 1st calving

  • Number of lactations per cow as a result of replacement rate

  • Milk production per lactation defined by

    • Days in milk at which peak production is reached
    • Heifer/Cow production ratio
  • Calving interval

Out of these 4 parameters the number of lactations per dairy cow, in other words, longevity, has the biggest impact.

With the Selko programme for sustainable dairy farming, dairy farm performance can be improved. To ensure farm resources are being used wisely, the impact on financial performance of the dairy farm for each management intervention can be calculated.

Using the Selko Profit Calculator
to improve profitability of your farm

The Selko Profit Calculator can be used to calculate the impact of reducing the age at first calving, increasing the milk production per lactation or reducing the involuntary culling rate of heifers and cows on Lifetime Daily Yield and profitability of dairy farms.

You will be surprised what can be achieved!

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